Brisbane Kitchen Designers & Specialty Cabinet Makers

Home Renovations? Thinking kitchen remodel time, specialised cabinetry or perhaps refitting the laundry? Cole Enterprises have provided master cabinet making services to South East Queensland for over 20 years. Check out some of our recent projects to kindle your imagination and you might find the project of your dreams..

Our Services

For over 20 years, Cole Enterprises has been providing South East Queenslanders with custom cabinet making services. All products are manufactured at our Logan Village factory.

Indoor/Outdoor Kitchens

Indoor and outdoor kitchen designs are our speciality. Forget the harware flat-pack kitchen designs; have the kitchen of your dreams and entertain in style. In 5 years time, when it still looks and works fantastic, you won't regret it.
Custom Cabinetry Design

We can also help you with other cabinet design solutions. Cole Enterprises are very capable with study and home offices, walk-in robe designs and cabinets for laundries.
Full On-Site Installation

Once your custom cabinetry has been fabricated at our Logan Village factory, our friendly and efficient cabinet makers will handle the installation. No job is too big as we've handled entire real estate developments!